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Strömberg OÜ was established in 1997

Strömberg OÜ founds 100%
native capital.

Main output of the company is rustproof
steel constructions.
Principal produce goes to shipbuilding factories in Finland, for who are made rustproof steel wall- and ceilingpanels, goods underlay, shelves and work surfaces.

High quality of the produces certifies
knowing making base,
conteporary device park with
proffesional qualification team.

Strömberg OÜ producebase settles
in 2000 and 2005 completed filehalls.


The producebase of the company settles logistically in very good place, 18km from Pärnu.
The highway near the filehalls permits to transport the goods on VIA Baltica to Europe countries and with Pärnu harbour to Scandinavia and to Peterburg.